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November 14, 2013 by sanjanal622   

Me and my mom were driving back from a party late at 11:00. When we first got on the road it was only drizzling but as we started driving it sounded like it was raining rocks! Ka-plunk, Ka- plunk. The windshield was wiping away but it was still just a big blur. we are going to die! I thought. “mom don’t go so fast” I kept saying. Finally the rain calmed down and me and my mom got home safely. When we got inside, I sat next to my dog and he went to sleep. suddenly there was a big BOOM! He jumped up so fast. It was so funny! :Looks like my dog hates thunder!

Photo Credit: Beshef via Compfight


  1. lschoch says:

    Many dogs hate thunder!

  2. gracenp506 says:

    I LOVE that line, “raining rocks.” That has so much vivid sound imagery and what a great simile. Nice Work!

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