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Conquer Your Fears

May 2, 2014 by sanjanal622   

There it was, the thing that made my body shake all over with fear. The most terrifying thing that I wished I would never have to sit in, the seat of a rollercoaster. As I put my seatbelt on I thought again about what I was doing . Will I die? I thought. My heart skipped a beat when the coaster started moving. All I could hear was the joy and excitement of everyone around me and the noise of the rollercoaster as it went up the slope. Tick, tick, tick. To me it sounded like a clock counting down the last seconds of my life.

WHOOSH! Before I knew it, down the rollercoaster was going and my stomach was doing a hundred flips. At first it wasn’t actually that bad so I tried putting my hands in the air just like everybody else but once I did it felt like I was going to fall off! That rollercoaster fooled me though. After a few seconds I felt like a pinball machine! My head was hitting the sides of my seat and I was upside down! By now I was panicking and felt so scared. I shut my eyes and prayed for a long time that I would come off this rollercoaster alive. Suddenly I could feel the coaster slowing down. My heart beat was steady now and I suprisingly said to my brother “I want to do that again!” He raised his eyebrows at me knowing that through the whole thing I was scared. We’ll, I guess I liked how the rollercoaster made me feel fearless.

   To this day I ride rollercoasters almost every time I see one. Instead of shaking all over with fear I now shake all over with trill and excitement. Whenever I look into the seat of a rollercoaster  I just want to hop right in! Ever since that one time I conquered my fear a few years ago I just want to conquer any fear I have now! So I guess my new slogan is “stop being afraid and just be fearless!”


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