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  1. Christmas

    December 16, 2013 by sanjanal622

    Christmas is a time where joy spreads like a wildfire.

    A time where gifts are given and smiles are put on to each others faces.

    When the smell of warm gingerbread fills the air.

    Its a time to sit around the warm fire with your family.

    A time where nothing but Christmas music rings in you ears.

    The Christmas tree sits tall shining with lights and presents underneath.

    The sound of joy and laughter fills the room.

    Christmas is the one day that almost everyone is happy.


  2. I Am From

    November 25, 2013 by sanjanal622

    I am from the dog toys scattered around my house   

    from waffles every morning and the smell of fresh apple pie                       

    I am from the thousands of flowers in my backyard that smell so beautiful

    I am from the pink roses that my mom grows (the look so pretty in spring)

    The tall oak tree whose long limbs me and my brother climbed

    I’m from talking at the dinner table every night and the Cosby show

    from my mom, dad and hyper puppy biscuit

    I’m from big roller coasters with my brother and New Years with relatives

    from always losing one earring

    I’m from Snow White and the wolf and seven kids

    from “practice makes perfect”

    I’m from giving presents to relatives each year

    I’m from Austin and India

    pasta and chicken

    from going on my first roller coaster which I captured in a picture

    These moments are in an album shoved in my closet

    and make me who I am today

    Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Sunciti _ Sundaram’s Images + Messages via Compfight


  3. Rain

    November 14, 2013 by sanjanal622

    Me and my mom were driving back from a party late at 11:00. When we first got on the road it was only drizzling but as we started driving it sounded like it was raining rocks! Ka-plunk, Ka- plunk. The windshield was wiping away but it was still just a big blur. we are going to die! I thought. “mom don’t go so fast” I kept saying. Finally the rain calmed down and me and my mom got home safely. When we got inside, I sat next to my dog and he went to sleep. suddenly there was a big BOOM! He jumped up so fast. It was so funny! :Looks like my dog hates thunder!

    Photo Credit: Beshef via Compfight

  4. My Bucket List

    November 1, 2013 by sanjanal622

    1. Go skydiving
    2. Learn how to do a front and back handspring
    3. Get another dog
    4. Go to France and London.
    5. Go on the biggest roller coaster in the world
    6. Go shopping the whole day and spend as much as I want in L.A or New York
    7. Learn how to surf
    8. Go scuba diving
    9. Kiss a dolphin
    10.Tryout and get into club volleyball

  5. Music

    September 26, 2013 by sanjanal622

    With the Voices of choirs perfect harmony,
    Among the people who joyfully sing until the night,
    Through the years of hard practice,

    Across the strings of the violin,
    Upon the children who play in perfect synchronization,
    Throughout the concert with big happy smiles,

    Into the trumpet we blow,
    Until our faces are bright red,
    Music is what we all love

  6. Spanish Alphabet

    September 17, 2013 by sanjanal622

    Two weeks ago we learned the Spanish alphabet in Spanish class. We practiced in class together and alone at home. Last week we presented our alphabet to the whole class. I though it went pretty well and now everyone knows their alphabet!!!

  7. Our First Volleyball Game.

    September 13, 2013 by sanjanal622

    Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Terence Kearns via Compfight

    On Thursday 7th grade volleyball had our first game against Hudson Bend.. We were super excited to play and we had practiced a lot this hole week. I was placed on the A team so we played first. On the first game Hudson Bend won by a lot of points but the next game we came back hard with lots of points, One of our best players served 10 times in a row!. Now it was a tie breaker but unfortunately Hudson Bend beat us by 8 points. B team also lost by a few points but as we keep playing we keep getting better. Even though we didn’t win we are still practicing and we will win our next game!

  8. What I Love.

    September 9, 2013 by sanjanal622



    Volleyball: Bump, set and spike. I pretty much hear those words 24/7. I love volleyball so much because its cool to learn all the different techniques and it is just so fun. I started playing in 4th grade and ever since I feel like I have improved a lot. Whenever I play I feel happy, I love it!

    Singing: I love to sing! Singing has always been something I have enjoyed since I was a little girl. Whether it’s singing to the radio or just singing in choir, I always find joy in singing. I have performed many times and I love to entertain people. I pretty much sing where ever I am, in the shower or in the car!

    Fashion: When I was little I used to love to dress up all my dolls. I’d love to see what tops go with what skirts or what shoes matches the outfit. Even today I love to dress up myself and its so fun to make new outfits. I like to show of my fashion whether its at school or just at the mall.

    Watching Movies: I absolutely love watching movies. Even if they are three hours long. I always love to see what happens next in the movie. My favorite types of movies would probably be romance, comedy or just chick flicks. I like those genres because you can also get a good laugh out of them.

    Baking:Baking is something that I can do anytime I want. I have made so many things like flan, red velvet cookies, molten lava cake, and marble cake. Its also really exciting and fun to make and decorate the cakes. I also love to see the finished look because I’m normally really proud. I also love to see if people like my type of dessert. I just love to create!


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