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  1. Expository Writing: Fear Is Harmful

    February 9, 2014 by sanjanal622

    Your voice stutters, your heart starts beating faster and beads of sweat start trickling down your face. Don’t give into fear.

      When your head is clouded with to much self judgment (from fear) you may think of what you may no accomplish. When you are back stage before a piano recital, Thoughts of failure flood your mind. you think, what fi I hit the wrong note? what if I fail? Fear can mess up what you can accomplish.

      Another reason fear is harmful is that if you are nervous you may not do as well and your probably low on self confidence. For example, during your piano recital if you believe you’ll do it horribly and you get up on stage, Your fear will clog up your mind and you probably wont do as well as when you practiced. Just don’t let fear  take over when you want to accomplish something.

      Next time you are scared, just take a deep breath and think to your self I can do this, don’t think of your faults- don’t think of messing It up. Just think about what you can achieve.

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