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Reflection: Seventh Grade

May 12, 2014 by sanjanal622   

When I first arrived in August I expected my seventh grade year to be a very long and hard year. I had volleyball tryouts, choir and I felt like I had many new responsibilities. But soon I realized that the seventh grade year wasn’t all the bad. I loved volleyball, my teachers were pretty nice and I felt like I could really manage everything. By October, my life was not bad at all. It was actually pretty fun! I eventually realized that the year has gone by pretty fast and wasn’t hard at all. In seventh grade I learned how to keep my grades up, how to work harder toward what I want and how go make better choices. As the year comes to a close I realize that seventh grade had a lot of good memories. I’ve made a lot new friends and learned a lot. If I had to re-live a part of seventh grade, it would probably be volleyball Season because it was so fun! My advice the next years sixth graders would be to work hard and get through seventh grade. Seventh grade may be really fun and you can learn so much!


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