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20 Facts About Me.

1. I love volleyball.

2. My favorite color is gold.

3. I love dogs.

4. I like listening to music.

5. I like to run.

6. I love cotton candy.

7. I enjoy making crafts.

8. I like hanging out with my friends.

9. I absolutely love summer vacation.

10. I have one brother.

11. I have four people in my family.

12. I love apple pie.

13. I love to paint my nails in my free time.

14. I like going to the movie theater.

15. I enjoy tasting different ice cream flavors.

16. I have had braces since last year.

17. I have had a cast, stiches and staples before.

18. My favorite food is pizza.

19. My name is Sanjana.

20. I like to read.


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