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Think Before You Do Something

February 1, 2014 by sanjanal622   

The pain was so traumatizing. I couldn’t bare it any longer. My leg felt as if it has just been run over by a train.

  For some reason, I foolishly thought that I could do a cartwheel in a tiny space in my room. I put my hands on the round and kicked my legs high in the air. As I was coming down I heard a…THUNK. For a second I couldn’t feel my left leg. Then I felt it, the excruciating pain in my leg. I screamed in pain and looked down at my foot. I could see my leg starting to become bright red. the pain was radiating up my leg and the tears started tricking down my face. I got up with the last bit of energy I had and tried hopping to my bed. I felt as if I only had one leg, because I couldn’t eve walk. I laid in agony on my bed and thought to myself, Why did I just do something so dumb without even thinking? Later that day, my mom took me to the hospital and I just sat there in the ugly green painted x-ray room. My heart was pounding and my fingers were tapping nervously as I saw the doctor walk in. He said, “You have broken your foot and will need a cast.” I flinched at the word cast and my head almost exploded when he said for a whole month.

  Even to this day, I still regret just doing something so carelessly without even going through it in my mind. I can still imagine the traumatizing pain. This mistake thought me to always think before I act.


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